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Your Dastaar. Your Crown. Turban Tying in and around Metro Vancouver.


Do you need a Dastaar (aka pug) tied for a wedding or any other event? Don't rely on a random uncle in the family to tie your Dastaar on your special day.

We will take care of all of your turban tying needs on your big day. We make sure your dastaar is not only tied neatly but is also a suitable size. This service is available in the convenience of your own home.

I've been tying my own Dastaar since I was 10 years old and I've been tying it on others for almost 18 years and we are considered the most experienced turban tyers in the Lower Mainland. I learned from my dad who is my go to person if I can't make it myself. I learned from him, so if he's coming you're getting the master! Our team of turban tiers are highly experienced and trusted in the industry.


See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to all of your questions!

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“The Dastaar is our Guru's gift to us. It is how we crown ourselves as the Singhs and Kaurs who sit on the throne of commitment to our own higher consciousness. For men and women alike, this projective identity conveys royalty, grace, and uniqueness. It is a signal to others that we live in the image of Infinity and are dedicated to serving all. The turban doesn't represent anything except complete commitment. When you choose to stand out by tying your Dastaar, you stand fearlessly as one single person standing out from six billion people. It is a most outstanding act.” - a quote from

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